The Best Card Collection

The Hallmark Mahogany Collection just teamed up with Jill Scott to introduce the hottest card collection that we have seen to date, good bye e card and gifs, hello Hallmark Greeting cards! If you want to have a valentine or uplift your curl friend theses cards will be perfect to stock up on. 


You are so fly!


Somehow, Sister Friend, you manage to always find grace in the thick. When the world gives you left, you shimmy right with a smile and a style that can’t be missed. For this? I clap my hands on your behalf.

You, my friend, know the road and you’ve certainly done the math. You’ve got patience and you’ve got class. I love that you see life as a gift. You are such an inspiration on how to  live life.

Blues Films, Inc. © 2016, All Rights Reserved

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