These 8 Zodiac-Inspired Beauty Products Are a Must

8 Zodiac-Inspired Beauty Products
By:Eartha Terrell

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there is something to be said about beauty goodies designed with your specific astrological sign in mind. And despite the season or trend, some argue that there are certain signs that nine times out of ten will typically gravitate towards certain hues and makeup products based on when they were born.

While traditionally, we look to horoscopes for forecasting our relationships and personality traits, fortunately for us all, characteristics of our signs can also provide telltale signs to what hair, makeup, and skincare products we may enjoy.

If you’re on the market for a fun zodiac-inspired beauty haul, check out these goodies we recommend! 

The Zodiac Cosmetics Capricorn Makeup Palette
Capricorns are known for their determination, discipline and at times, unwavering stubbornness. The Earth sign oozes practicality and a hard-work ethic. The Zodiac Cosmetics Capricorn Makeup Palette includes 12 beautiful neutral tones that perfectly capture the goat’s uniqueness.

Seasons KISS Aquarius Zodiac Body Truffle
Seasons KISS Aquarius Zodiac Body Truffles is a sweet-smelling concoction with customization in mind. Created by Denise Rogers, this creamy and smooth truffle moistening body truffle is part of an entire zodiac collection. What’s fun about wearing this or any of SK’s zodiac body truffles is the ability to switch them based on how you’re feeling. You’re empowered to wear whatever you’re feeling. There’s really something for everyone.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs 
If you’re looking for a makeup pallet that embodies every personality of the of every zodiac, then BH Cosmetic Zodiac Love Signs is perfect for you. Complete with an entire arsenal of luminous and vivid enchanted looks that will make you feel just as beautiful as you look. This collection includes 25 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette, a celestial spectrum of sun-kissed hues and cool cosmic shades. It also features 12 buttery mattes, 12 baked shimmers, and a luminous baked highlighter.

Urban Decay 
Urban Decay’s Moondust is a perfect combo of glitter-infusion and uber glam. If your next look calls for an intense, yet vibrant hue than Moondust may be the answer. Not only does this exceptionally glitzy eyeshadow ooze class, but it also applies like a cream with a powder finish with 3D metallics. Your eyes will turn heads as this color provides depth, sparkle, and sophistication.  

 Zodica Pisces Zodiac Hair Perfume 
Zodica’s Pisces Zodiac Hair Perfume is 100 percent vegan and paraben-free. According to the brand’s website, it is harvested by a Moroccan Berber Women’s Co-op. Enriched with pure Argan Oil, it immediately goes to work when applied to the hair by adding moisture and hydration. For best results, apply small amounts to ends to prevent hair breakage and healthier strands. 

Ofra Long-Lasting Liquid Aries Lipstick
Ofra’s Long-Lasting Liquid Aries Lipstick is the perfect personification of the confident and enthusiastic fire sign. This matte liquid lipstick is a pink nude color that glides onto lips like a velvety dream and won’t easily fade away with little transfer. Your lips will look kissable and feel comfortable as this lippie is infused with Vitamin A and antioxidants for maximum hydration. 

Botanical Beauty Zodiac Body Oil
Ignite your senses with Botanicals Beauty all-natural Zodiac Body Oils collection. This collection has taken the time to feature some of the best aromas that Mother Earth has to offer. Formulated with a base note of Pink Champagne scent combined with a unique floral or shimmer accent, you are sure to leave a lasting impression and feel beautiful no matter what sign you are.

Bramble Berry Taurus Fragrance
If you’re a Taurus, you’re typically known for being patient, reliable, and strong. And while you’re a lover of luxury, you’re also rooted in balance and won’t become too excessive with self-aggrandizement. Bramble Berry’s Taurus was created just for you and those of us striving to embody similar traits. BB’s floral-like Pink Peony Fragrance Oil is soft with a modern scent. It is perfectly balanced with notes of bergamot, honey, and white musk.

Love By Luna Zodiac Nail Polish
From ballet-slipper pink tones for Libras to delicate and neutral tones for Virgos, Love By Luna’s zodiac nail polish makes magic come alive with its cosmological nail polish collection. Designed to bring out the best in every sign, each polish contains a unique blend of micronized crystal to encourage personal growth and healing. 

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