7 Hair Care Brands That Cater to Natural Kids

Sometimes caring for your natural kid’s hair can be a challenge. Natural hair needs lots of moisture and care, but washing too much can dry out curls or irritate sensitive skin. Dry, tangled hair can make combing out hair painful for little ones as well as their parents. Finding the right balance of moisturizing, nourishing products that are also gentle, nontoxic, and safe for children can be daunting. These seven brands have hair care lines for children that are gentle, but keep curls popping!

Cantu beauty – Cantu Care for Kids products are made with natural ingredients and provide gentle care for textured hair. Their tear-free nourishing shampoo promotes healthy hair growth while it cleanses, and is free of mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones, parrafin and propylene. The tear-free formula is infused with shea butter, coconut oil and honey. Before getting the little one into the bath, try out their Detangling Pre-Poo, a gentle formula that primes hair for cleansing by adding silicone-free slip to hair. Apply to dry hair, let sit and then brush through to detangle.

As I Am – Products in the Born Curly collection is formulated for babies and children with hair types 3 and 4. The collection contains no-tears shampoo, cowash, leave-in conditioner and a curl-defining jelly. The cowash improves scalp health and hair moisture level, hydrates and cleans the hair, and is recommended for hair that looks and feels dry. The popular curl-defining jelly has a soft hold and smooths natural curl formations with long-lasting definition and improved shine. Besides being safe for babies, the Born Curly products are certified organic and vegan.

Glammed Naturally Oil – This small, black-owned business operates out of the family kitchen, and uses real, organic oils with no chemicals or harmful additives. Glammed Naturally Oil Products include braid oil, hair growth oil, shampoo, conditioner, vitamins, and even beard oil. Their non-toxic Kids Hair and Body Oil is certified by the USDA to be safe for children and babies, and can help reduce the appearance of eczema and diminish scarring and dark spots. When used on hair, combing becomes smooth and easy, and leaves hair shiny and healthy. 

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care – This family-oriented business provides natural, handmade products designed to repair damaged hair and maintain healthy hair, helping with growth and style. Their all-natural products work on kids and adults with all hair types. The Knot-Free Detangler also works to increase hair strength and prevent breakage, resulting in tangle-free, shiny hair ready for styling. Rather than combing through knots and damaging hair, using this detangler will leave hair healthier and stronger than ever. 

Kinky-Curly – This brand, available at national stores like Target and Whole Foods, uses natural, safe ingredients that are cruelty-free. Their line of Tiny Twirls products  are made for toddlers who have outgrown their baby shampoos, and includes a shampoo, conditioner, and styler. After cleansing and moisturizing with the gentle shampoo and fragrance-free conditioner, use the Tiny Twirls to detangle, smooth and moisturize hair. The combo is great for styling toddlers’ hair into a variety of miniature looks including ponytails, braids, drop curls and twists. 

Camille Rose – The Mandarin Collection Set includes a hair balm, a leave-in conditioner, and a buttercream. The collection’s Brown Butter Melt hair balm is a blend of natural butters and oils that soothe tender scalps and stimulate hair growth. The leave-in conditioner, Sundae Glaze, has a fruity scent and moisturizes each strand and can be rinsed out or left in for a softening glaze. The vitamin-rich Sweet Puddin’ hair buttercream can be used as a styler for braids, twists and knots. 

CurlyKids – CurlyKids products aim to provide extra moisture and conditioning for children with all hair types, including mixed textures, at affordable prices. The hair care line includes lotions, cremes and conditioners, each priced at just $5 for the standard size. The CurlyKids Curly Gel is an ultra-hydrating gel that is great for daily use and works well with ponytails, bobs and braids. The leave-in conditioner will minimize breakage and damage that results from dryness, and is also great for controlling unwanted frizz. The Curl Poppin Creme is a curling creme with a light to medium hold that creates defined, crunch-free curls. All CurlyKids products are safe for children and do not contain sulfates, parabens or petrolatum. Best of all, they provide much-needed moisture without being sticky, greasy, or weighing hair down. 

Before you struggle with styling and caring for natural hair of a fussy kid, try out these kid-friendly brands to help your child’s natural curls shine. These products will make hair washing and styling easier and pain-free, and you can feel good knowing you’re supporting trusted brands that care about bringing out the best in kids’ natural hair. 

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